Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn

And so it comes, the First Day of Autumn.  Although the temperatures are still moderately warm, I see the leaves changing colors.  I dream of pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, chestnuts, and all things orange, rust and copper.
This past weekend was the Midwest Wool Festival.  I was able to get there this year, as last year was my mother's back injury and I was away in New Jersey.  I had budgeted a little bit of money to spend on some wonderful yarns, dyes and fibers.
I am still obsessed with making socks and I found this amazing red, white and blue blend to add to my stash.  The sock knitting has now taken over from the previous few weeks of doll clothes-stitching.  the cross-stitch?  Well, that has fallen by the wayside entirely.  I go in fits and starts with the crafting......bouncing from one style to another.  Last month is was all about quilting, a craft I had set aside last year.  Suddenly I was trolling the stores for grey and yellow print cottons for a new quilt ( not that there aren't at least FIVE unfinished quilting projects up in the attic room waiting for my attention). Then the quilting bug flew away and I was hot and heavy into doll clothes for the 18" dolls.  I made over a dozen new Fall/Winter outfits, then that mojo faded.
Bring on the Wool Festival and the knitting frenzy!  I finished a pair of socks for my Uncle Raymond while I was visiting my parents.  Then the brown pair in the collage below.....Etsy Marigold Jen "Orion".  The other half-finished pair in Jawoll "Color Aktion" in a nice ombre of rust, burgundy and plum.

Then come the days when I do NOTHING AT ALL.  Just sit in front of the TV mindlessly watching.  Maybe a sign of old-age, or perhaps ADD!

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  1. The Wool Festival sounds divine! I can only imagine what beautiful fibers were seen there! I completely understand about ADD - seems like I have it more than my students :-)