Friday, October 2, 2015

Oh My, That Dress!!

I love fashion!  This, my friends, should never be misinterpreted to mean that  I am at all fashionable.  My personal style could best be described as "Has-Been Over Weight Sporty Spice".  Interspersed with various attempts, on more formal occasions, to recreate Princess Diana's wardrobe from the early 80s
 I do have a great eye for fashion.  I can create outfits and pick out marvelous stuff for myself, only marred by the fact that I can neither afford nor fit into anything that slightly resembles modern day chic,
So I look to the past and to those with the "ideal figure", my fashion dolls.  Here is a selection of ideas/inspirations from various time periods.  My range of favorites begins around 1845 and goes until about 1925.  For some reason fashions before or after those dates has little appeal to me, the exception being the early 1810s and 1940s.






I submit for your review my list of


1.  Downton Abbey
2.  The Foresyte Saga
3. Lark Rise to Candleford
4.  Upstairs//Downstairs
5.  Howard's End
6.  Duchess of Duke Street
7.  Mr. Selfridge
8.  The Paradise
9.  House of Elliot
10.  An Ideal Husband
11.  Age of Innocence
12.  Enchanted April
13.  Out of Africa
14.  Sommersby
15.  Gone With The Wind
16.  Anna Karenina
17.  Anne of Green Gables
18.  The Piano
19.  Dr. Zhivago
20.  Little Women

I have only listed those that I have actually watched from beginning to end.  They are roughly in order of most favorite,/most detailed and accurate costumes.  This is all my personal opinion of course, and I would love to hear comments and suggestions from readers.

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  1. I totally dig the 1887 gold one!