Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shout-Out To My Home Girls!

The Gymnastics World Championships have just finished up, so my head is filled with ideas for new cross-stitch designs.  I'm also thinking forward toward the Rio Olympics and who will make up the USA Team. 
So I give a shout-out to these two lovely and talented ladies from my home state of New Jersey.  Now NJ is not known for producing world class gymnasts, but Jazmyn Foberg and Lauren Hernandez are both from MG Elite Gymnastics in Monmouth County.  Both have won numerous national and international medals,  Recently they have been taking turns winning competitions  all over the world.  They were just a bit too young to make this year's Worlds Team, but next year......
So here's to you Jazzy and Laurie.  You've done the Garden State proud!!


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