Friday, October 16, 2015

The Magic of Ordinary Days

There is certainly nothing ordinary about being at home every day, enjoying the sunshine and stitching and the company of my kitties. The evenings at home are especially nice, since almost all of mine are spent at gymnastics training.
There is no gymnastics practice this week.  The gym space is being relocated to a huge, revamped downstairs area (formerly indoor soccer arena).  All the equipment, mats, etc., were uprooted, cleaned and replaced in the new area.  To say it was a bit crazy is to put it mildly.  To say  that my boss can make a gigantic  "cluster f*ck" out of nearly any project she takes on is purely a statement of fact.  Yes, this could have gone way more smoothly then it has so far.  It also could have gone on without  unemploying six coaches for an entire week!
But what has become a financial hardship has been an emotional blessing.  If only I could sustain a living from this land, house and sewing machine.  As much as I love coaching gymnastics, I do so thoroughly enjoy being at home.
I've found a walnut tree (along with our numerous hickory trees) and dyed some fabric.
On another walk in our over-grown field I found what I think is Hops!  yes, it was green like the Internet photo(top) and is now the dried up version in the bottom photo.

There are also some grapes.  I have used the grape vines to make wreaths and frames, but this year we actually have some tiny fruits on the vines.  I have not taken the leap and tasted any yet.  They matured to a dark purple, but are only the size of peas.

Along with numerous indoor cleaning projects, I have been done some tidying of the barn and shed and some overall "winterizing"  The first frost is predicted for tonight and all the succulent and tropical plants are safely indoors.  Kitty Coal enjoys the cement casting form that Joe tossed out behind the shed.  Ok, Joe's idea of "cleaning" is a little different from mine....usually involving a large bonfire!

And finally, as a 51 year-old woman I flopped down in the golden grass and watched the clouds float buy.  I am sure this sense of peacefulness will vanish on Monday when things go back to the old ordinary.


  1. Loved this post, Jennifer. I needed that gorgeous view of clouds drifting by - thank you!

  2. Jennifer I found your charming blog when you left a comment on mine (Garden Grumbles). As you are set up as "No-reply" I wanted to come on over and thank you for taking the time to sympathize with the loss of our beloved Tom-Cat. It is never to late to share kind sentiments like that! I have added your blog to my Feedly feed and will enjoy reading your future posts.

    1. Thank you for finding me and also for encouraging me to figure out the "reply to comment". I've been struggling to get that to work for years! I think it finally works.