Monday, July 30, 2018

The Big 300

The Big 300.
 My 300th blog post. Didn't think it would take me this long to get to this point. I started out strong, posting on a regular basis. Then several factors slowed me down. The big culprit was Facebook! There are many great groups for dolls, knitting, cross-stitch and gymnastics on there. But there's also a ton of crap on there that's taken up far too much of my time.
It's far better to spend REAL time with REAL people, like my new- found friends at the local library knitting group. A diverse group of lovely ladies that meets every Thursday at 1:30pm. We share knitting of course, but also stories, recipes, patterns and of course yarn. I am the youngest one of the group. It's a nice break from the daily monotony of living with my father. A bit bittersweet, since my late mother was a leader of this group years ago, before Parkinson's robbed her of her ability to get out of the house.

From the "yarn bin" I acquired four skeins of fingering weight cotton. They were natural cream color until I dyed them with a tye-dye kit from Wal-Mart.

My dad celebrated his 87th Birthday in style at the end of June. I made him a baseball themed party and I think he really enjoyed his  special day.

Filling my days with a bit of crafting....

.....and some much needed exercise.

Now for that 300th Post thing.
I suppose a give-a-way is in order!
But what exactly to give??
I'll let you decide. I'll read the comments on this post, draw a name and send you something that matches your hobbies and interests.

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