Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh no, I can't believe I am really doing this!

It's all your fault Annemarie. You finally talked me into this. Or maybe it's just the need to keep my pudgie little fingers out of all the Christmas leftovers. Anyway, here it goes. Who knows if this will actually show up anywhere in cyber-space as I don't have a cellphone, an I-Pod, a Garman, a PDA: I can barely use this computer and I still can't figure out how to program my DVD player. I am all about gymnastics ( I'm a coach), cats (there are 5 here so far) and needlework. So you'll see a lot of photos ( if I ever figure out how to post them) on those topics, along with some cooking stuff, some family stuff and general ranting and raving. If you were wondering, the name of my blog comes from the wonderful book on historic samplers of the same name............and because all the cute cat names were already taken. Welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I was on computer as your message came in!!! WOW, that sounds so good.
    Congratulations with your blog, you may be shure i wil visit this one often.
    I post this message quickly, so i be the first to comment :-)))

    Love ,Nicole