Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Every blog on the face of the earth must be using that title today...."Happy New Year". Not terribly original of me but I want to wish all my friends around the World a Happy New Year now, as I will probably be long asleep by Midnight. I'm not a late night type of person so New Years' Eve is not my favorite holiday. It also involves excessive drinking and more then excessive stupidity on the part of many party goers, which makes it even less popular with me. Coming from a background in sport and home life of self-discipline and rule-following I find that "party 'til you drop" attitude totally against my grain.

Finished up the last of my private lessons at the gym today with the added bonus of spending the time with my friend Melissa. She is a wonderful coach who married another wonderful coach about 18 months ago. In September they left our gym to coach near his home in San Jose, California and I miss her terribly. She is the essence of a true friend....patient, kind, generous and willing to listen to my bizarre and often boring gymnastics stories. Melissa and Jeff are back to California in a few days after an all-too-short visit here. I know how these visits can be as my own family is 600 miles away in New Jersey and I only see them once or twice a year. There is that sense of freedom that I can live my own life with my husband and pursue the "career" of a gymnastics coach........a profession my parents consider more of a "nice little hobby" then a real job. Then there is the profound sadness of missing my parents as they grow older and not seeing the day-to-day life in my childhood home that was my entire world for my first 23 years. Part of the unique bond I feel with Melissa comes from this shared experience. She started out as my student over 6 years ago and this has developed into a special, lasting friendship of two adults.

One more week of my little holiday from the gym. Now is the time that I just stand still in the middle of the living room and savor these nice moments at home without the stresses of the crowded, noisy gym. Private lessons are so different from the stress-filled preparations for competitions. There is an added bonus tonight because snow is predicted! This always puts me in a good mood, even though that holiday glow is fading. Nothing puts me in a better mood then being cut off from the rush and rudeness of the outside world. Now if this could only happen on a Tuesday or Thursday in the middle of January then the joy would be multiplied ten times over! The Homeschool and toddler gymnastics classes would be canceled. These are my least favorite to teach. Theses classes supplement my paycheck so I must put up with them, even though these are the ones that do in my bad back every time.
Hmm, let's find a nice photo to share tonight...........
An oldie but a goodie. Me and my mom from last Christmas. Also, a cat you haven't seen yet, Elliot. He's about 9 years old and has a lame front leg. He hops around pretty well and keeps up with all the usual required cat skills.....jumping on the kitchen counter, jumping on the bed, jumping on the patio furniture, jumping on to the window ledge........
Good night and Happy New Year my friends!!!

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  1. Happy New Year, Jennifer!! Wishing lots of fun blogging in 2008!