Friday, December 28, 2007

Princess of the Day

Wow, I was stunned to come here and find so many nice comments. So many familiar names and then some nice new friends too. Thank you everyone for validating my existence. I feel like "The Princess of the Day". All this attention. This is so unlike my off-line personality where I hide out in my little gymnastics world with all it's familiarity, shunning the spot-light as much as possible. Gymnastics has been my refuge since childhood from my blinding shyness of the "real world". I suppose this whole Internet thing suits me then. I've always loved to write and find it a much more interesting and expressive version of myself. Talking face to face has never been a strong point with me unless it has something to do with instructions on how to perform a back handspring on the Balance Beam! My hands(piano, stitching, writing) have always been my emotional outlet as opposed to my mouth......that is strictly for chocolate intake at this point. So if you find this blog filled with odd gymnastiky expressions and photos of tumbling and flipping people you have never seen before, please forgive. For those stitchy friends you will be pleased with the other photos. And "Cat People" you will be overjoyed at the number of cat pictures that will appear here. Every time a roll of film comes back from the developer I can hear my husband reviewing the packet saying....."cat, cat, cat, oh one of the yard, cat, cat, one of some piece of fabric, cat, cat........"
Today is "A.D.D. Recovery" day. I am now nearly two weeks into my three week break from the gym and the huge pile of completed projects has yet to materialize. I thought I would just be cranking out this stuff day after day and be well ahead for next year or a least have a jump on some birthday gifts. But NOTHING, not one single completed item. I have spent most of my time taking out ancient UFOs, doing a few stitches, setting them aside, browsing through stacks and stacks of old charts and magazines, then putting them aside, compiling recipes for New Years' Eve, plotting out some new doll clothes, making a list of how I am going to spend my fabric store gift cards. No completed projects though. Just a huge mess of papers, charts, magazines and lists, all sorts of lists. A trait I inherited from my paternal grandfather, a prolific list-writer. My grandmother wasn't too bad at this either, but she was more of what I would call a Labeler. Everything had some yellowing, drying piece of masking tape on it that explained exactly what was in every box, bottle, bag and bin she owned.
To you experienced bloggers out do I post a link to some interesting website or some friends' blog and use, for example, the words "Barbara's Blog" and have it come up underlined with the link to her blog? All I seem to get when I hit the link icon is the ability to put up those nasty http://www.thingies/ that look rather rude and impersonal. Any technical help on this would be greatly appreciated.
I could sit here for hours, which is very counter-productive to my "new" diet and exercise plan. I say new (I can hear Kim laughing now!) because I go around and around with this every couple of months. Working in such a body-conscious sport makes me brutally aware of my tremendous shortcomings in the area of physical beauty. I have given up totally in the hair and fashion departments and so I will work on the old and flabby body for a while. I apologize if that image has made any of you a bit ill, but that is a simple fact. I love to cook and unfortunately I love to eat even more! Off to a meeting with the exercise ball..............there will be no photos of this!!


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  2. Hi Jennifer!
    The easiest way to make a link in your blog
    0. copy the entire URL that you want to link to
    1. highlight the text that you want to turn into a link
    2. press that link button (or press Ctrl+Shift+A) to make the box pop up
    3. Erase the http:// nonsense that is already in there
    4. paste your link into the box

    Looking forward to the gymnastics pics in addition to the stitchy ones. I don't think you can post too many photos on a blog!

    [reposted due to my glaring gramatical error, sorry 'bout that!]

  3. Welcome to blogland, Jennifer. You should post as frequently as you want--we're always happy to read and look!

  4. Dear Jennifer, I'm glad you finally have your own blog. I will visit this site often to see your pics and read your posts. I hope to email you soon, Christmas is driving me crazy!, here we are waiting the visit of "Los Reyes Magos" ("Three Kings" in English?...), they come a little later than Santa, so I have to buy many gifts yet!