Monday, April 28, 2008


Yes, I'm aware that "Taa-Daa" is usually reserved for the finish of an item, but in this case it's for a start! I finally drew a pattern and started a gymnast cross-stitch. I haven't done one in nearly a year. With the work situation being as it is I haven't been too inspired by gymnastics lately. With Alix getting older and her health deteriorating I needed to get in touch with the old things that bring joy to my life. Alix, of course, is A-Number One. Joe and I spent a lot of time working out in the yard this weekend too. He was actually able to mow the back field and it ended up being...well, grass. As odd as that sounds, grass is a welcome improvement over the years and years of waste-high bramble interspersed with poison ivy as big a shrubs. Last Fall we had the entire back field tilled in the hopes of leasing it out to a local farmer to plant soybeans or corn (the only two choices here). That plan seems to have fallen by the wayside and instead we have now expanded the yard to three times it's size. It is certainly no golf-course , but we are now able to walk without a stick to knock back the offending weeds. Tuesday may end up being a garden disaster though, as a late frost is predicted. I have set the stitching aside for this morning to go and dig out the old sheets in preparation for covering the flower beds tomorrow night.
As for the new stitching. Here she is.....Alina Kozich of Ukraine. This photo actually shows all the beginning stages of the design process. There is the original photo, the drawn-up chart and then the very beginnings of the stitching. A bit more got done late last night, as I was up until after midnight. Not a usual event for me but Alix had some trouble with her leg again around 9pm. Just a little stumble, like Wednesday, and then she was upright again and on to her normal cat-like things. So I am running on about 3 hours of sleep right now, since I lay awake for hours alternating between petting her and crying over the inevitable future. I am trying very hard today to not let sadness overwhelm me and ruin the day and the time I have together with Alix and all the other pets.
Taa-Daa is also for my milestone post #50! Never thought I would last that long, or that this computer would cooperate. Well, I will let it get a little rest while I go off to stitch some more. Alix is positively sick of me taking pictures of her, so I end with a pet snap of Bud. Back up to full-throttle, here with her floppy Frisbee!


  1. I am so envious of your yard!! Here in the city, we travel to the different parks around with the hounds, but it isn't the same as a big nice yard to run in! The charting start and project look great!!

  2. Happy 50th, Jennifer...LOL!!!

  3. Congrats on reaching 50 posts. That is an accomplishment. I am like you, never thought I would stick with it that long.

    Think of you and Alix a lot. Just spend as much time as possible with her. It is OK to cry, she will wash away your tears. I can still do it regarding my dog, if I let myself think about it too long. Hang in there. They know they are loved.

    Your gymnast stitching is awesome. What a great job you do in going from the photo to a stitched piece.

  4. Bud must be a lot happier without that 'Victorian collar' he needed awhile ago. I hope Alix will have some stumble-free time for the rest of the spring/summer.

    Congratulations on your 50th post - that was fast in coming! :D

    And your newest gymnast is off to a stunning start!!