Friday, April 4, 2008

Two Little Finishes

Before the photos I must take a moment to send my good thoughts out to Barbara in Holland. She's been having a rough time of it lately. My prayers are with you dear friend. I hope everything works out for the best very soon.
With more rain today and a the good old-fashioned common cold finally getting to me, I spent a little quiet time finishing off a few projects. Joe and I made our way over to Hobby Lobby this morning. Not his favorite place to go but I didn't feel like traveling by myself. Not that I am all that seriously ill, just needed the comfort of some company. Got frames for both "R Is For Rabbit" and "Heart and Hand" of those later. I also found a package of 100 small colored eyelets for $2.39. The 40% off coupon went to those so they came out to be the bargain of the day. The dark lavender colored eyelet goes perfectly with A Mon Ami Pierre's little motif of a swan. The second finish is Workbasket's freebie "Quaker Hedgehog" done up in a very non-traditional style. He's stitched on hand-dyed purple 16 count Aida with Carrie's Creations "Crazy Dreams" over-dyed floss. He stitched up very quickly yesterday afternoon on my break at work ( about 1 hour 15 minutes). He was going to be another floss ring tag, but instead I found this cute little papier-mache box at Hobby Lobby. I still need to paint the base of the box. It is hard to see in this photo but the rim of the box is trimmed with yellow ribbon to hid the turning of the stitched piece.

Here are the pet photos of the day. I don't know if Twinsy here qualifies as our pet, since he is the neighbor's cat. He sat right there staring into the camera as his owner stood in her driveway waiting for him. He totally ignored her and followed me onto the porch for a snack. The next photo is of little Mocha, the very shy cat. She has found a new 'home' in Bud's new and improved dog house...the one we got from Joe's mom and dad. It still sits in front of the barn waiting to be fully cleaned out and repositioned over in Bud's run area. For now Mocha has claimed it as her own. There was a better photo showing the whole dog house with Mocha peeking her head out of the door, but the computer 'ate" that photo.


  1. Hope you are feeling better, don't ya just hate spring colds???

    Darling finishes! Love your ring tag~what a great pattern! And that hedgehog is so vibrant and cheerful, very cute :)

  2. What a lovely swan. I like the idea of floss ring tags.

    Get over that cold - fast!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog and thank you so much for a lovely comment!
    I was so touched by readying it.
    This swan tag is very lovely, I would like to make some of ring tags for myself, when I have time!!
    Is it difficult to make?

  4. Two great finishes, Jennifer!!
    Mocha and Twinsy are too cute!

  5. Hope you are better from your cold. Those two quaker pieces are really lovely!! Your kitty snaps are so cute.

  6. Love the little finishes...
    Cute kitties!

  7. What adorable finishes! And thank you so much for you good wishes!!!