Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tip-Toe Through The Tulips

A beautiful Spring day....60 degrees F and bright sun. Just a bit of rain early this morning, even though large thunder storms were predicted. I had anticipated a total wash-out of a Saturday and had planned to stitch. Instead I am outside most of the time and just come in to share these new photos.
Finished two 'Quaker Animals' from Workbasket. No photos of them though because they are for the Quaker Inspired exchange. I just love these designs. Of course I only need to finish one for the exchange, but I am hooked on their cuteness and can't stop. I may stitch all of them!
Pet snap of the day is Coal "helping" me set up the birdbath.


  1. Oh what beautiful tulips! And Coal looks so very helpful! LOL!

  2. those are the tulips you planted a while ago?!!! they're gorgeous!!! as gas price keeps going up, i finally got someone stolen my gas right off my car last friday night! :-\ kinda feel that america is crashing.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Jennifer :) Such serenity and beauty. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. I enjoyed all your pictures, esp the cat in the bird bath : )

    Our spring flowers were quite iffy & then we had snow last night. Some perished, others are still ok. Odd weather for April.

  5. Oh the photos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing! And I just love the photo of Coal, how cute :)