Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funky Snail

No, this doesn't involve an unsavory dining experience. It's about this little guy. He's a variation of Prairie Schooler #54 Garden Beasties. I used DMC Color Variations #4190 and regular DMC 150 and 721. I was a bit nervous about messing with a sacred PS pattern. I have never varied one of them before because they are so perfect the way they are. I really do like how this little guy turned out. I did eventually paint the bottom of the papier-mache box a bright lime green to match the hand-dyed linen. I might try the spotted frog next in some wild color combination.
A few other stitchy finishes to show including the patriotic stars I discussed in a previous post. As for the tutorial requested on how to finish a star shape, here is my advice. DON'T DO IT! Just stick to squares or circles. Actually I did take some photos of the WIP and I will write a little tutorial in a future post, but for now I am just recovering from the torture of making these darn things. The man standing between the two stars is Uncle Sam of course. He is from Needl' Love booklet #23 "Holiday Friends". There is Miss Liberty who goes along with him and hopefully she will be finished later today. If these awful rain storms continue as they have for the past 18 hours or so I will get a lot of "indoor time" to work on some stitching and finishing. This all hinges on the hopes that the electric will stay on while it's storming.
I spent the mandatory 2 hours on-line this morning that it takes me to read and comment on all my favorite blogs. Then a big crash and a big flash and the power went out. Just for a minute or two but long enough to zap the computer before I had a chance to make a new post here.

On Monday Joe had a day off so we did a little local tour. Our goal was to make it the 35 miles southwest to the closest Red Lobster restaurant, but a huge accident on the hi-way underpass and the ensuing traffic jam surrounding it put an abrupt end to that. Since it was only 4pm we decided to drive around to the cemetery where his paternal grandparents are buried. The cemetery has a very old section that I love to visit. The early 19th Century monuments are so beautifully carved and remind me of Georgian Era samplers. The weeping willows, lambs, doves etc.....and the verses are perfect to translate into needlework.

To the Memory of
Martha H. Campbell
Who departed this Life
April 10th 1830
Aged 19 years
3 months
2 days
Dearest Sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel.
But ‘tis God that doth bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal

To the Memory of
Margaret Elizabeth
Daughter of
David C. & Margaret Williamson
Who departed this life
Dec. 5 1838
Aged 3 years 10 months 24 days

When carried by angels above
Your happy young spirit shall rest
In regions of pleasure and love
Forever to dwell with the blest.

Well, the clouds are rolling in again. I better get the photos uploading here before the storm starts.


  1. What a cute box!! Your patriotic ornaments are just darling!! I also love walking around old graveyards - they can really inspire and are such quiet places of rest from a weary world.

  2. I've intended to comment on this post since I first saw it, but things keeping popping up. Crazy day!!

    I just love the graveyard pictures. My ex and I shared a love for old graveyards and although I don't miss him, I do miss having someone to share that rather odd hobby with. ;)

    Your patriotic ornies came out great. I'm totally impressed with your star-shaped finish!

  3. Very nice box. Snail is really cute.

    Love the patriotic pieces. I bet the star finishing was a bear. I would not attempt it. Great job.

    Love the cemetery verses. Several designers make such things into designs. Now you can design something around those verses.