Thursday, July 3, 2008

Comments On Comments

I guess this could be called "Counter-Comments". Since I don't know how to answer back to the comments posted I will do so here. I have seen other bloggers use that feature, but the technical expertise to do such a thing escapes me.

To Michele: Here is the WIP Quaker Cow. I hope to finish him tomorrow ( how appropriate on July 4th!) and take a better photo.

To Nicole: The Madame Alexander 'Articulated Alex' doll is 16 inches tall...sort of like an over-sized Barbie doll.
Mocha the cat would be known as "Tortoise Shell" here, but I like the Belgian name better!
Here's my Junior Group with the patriotic cupcakes I made early today. You know I went to three stores in search of the little paper American flags on the toothpicks and there were none to be found. I see them by the hundreds all year long and the day that I want to buy some there aren't any around. I guess that's what happens when you wait until July 3rd! I ended up making my own "flags" out of toothpicks and some ribbon from my stash. There are usually 8 little girls in the group but half were away for the holiday weekend already.


  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your answer.

    an extra large barbie, but still not easy to stitch all these little parts together. :-)))
    What a lovely group little girls... you have spoiled them !

    Happy 4the july!!!!!

    love, nicole

  2. Cute cupcakes. What a nice idea to use ribbon. I usually just buy the flag toothpicks when I find them to have on hand. I guess that is why my house is a mess most of the time. I have too much stuff in case I need it.