Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dolly Gets A New Dress

Here's my project of the day. I've been looking at this 1912 yellow and black dress for years in my fashion history book, and I have only just today tackled it. It is worn by another one of my Articulated Alix dolls by Madame Alexander. This one will be called Lady Marjorie for the moment, as she is modeled after a character in one of my all-time favorite TV shows, the BBC series "Upstairs~Downstairs". The series is set in Edwardian London and covers the period from about 1903 until 1930. Dare I show the original fashion plate that inspired this dress?

I am not too pleased with how this dressed turned out so I may use the old "prototype" excuse again. The trim at the base is set a bit too low and the over skirt is too short and "poofy". It is so difficult to get things to drape correctly on such a small body. The angles and ornaments of this time period are also very hard to draft into a pattern. A little daytime suit is next on the agenda. Maybe I will have more luck with a casual outfit.
A pet snap of someone we don't see very often. This is Mocha. She lives in our barn, but I hope someday she will become a housepet. She is extremely shy and only comes out in the evening when she knows I have put Elliot and Coal in for the night. She absolutely adores Sammy and he usually spends the night outside with her.


  1. Actually, I don't understand how you can get something so tiny as a doll's dress to fit so perfectly. I think it's an amazing dress!

    Love Mocha :o)

  2. It's a most beautifull dress, Jennifer!!!

    A normal dress is a lot easyer to make !

    I was wondering how manny inches high this doll is??

    Mocha looks a lot like one of my cats , minoes, also a dark thurtle cat (that is the name of these cats in Belgium, " schildpad-kat :-)))

    Love, Nicole

  3. Oh! I love Upstairs-Downstairs! :D

    This dress you made is incredible. I cannot imagine how you do this so perfectly. My fingers are HUGE compared to Rowen's wee dolls.

  4. Lovely doll dress. You are really talented in adapting fabric for doll clothes. Great job.