Friday, July 18, 2008

Me Day...Well, Not Quite

Here's the Birthday Diva in 1966. I really was quite the little diva, up until about age 8. For some reason I became rather shy and withdrawn at that age. Been that way ever since.

My "Me Day" complete with all the far-away travels and overindulgent shopping has been rethought. Now it will be an at-home day, which is fine with me. I had been having terrible financial anxiety attacks over driving all over the place and spending money I don't have on things I don't need. Afterall, I had done sort of a Mini-Me-Day ( is that too Dr. Evil of me?) last Saturday. I bought the knit fabrics for the new tops I am going to sew (that one completed in the previous post) . I also stopped at the very large plant nursery and bought 7 perennials on sale to fill in some blank spots in the flower beds. Then I stopped at the local Goodwill shop to find some bargains. Unfortunately, yes unfortunately, everything was an additional 50% off. The place was a zoo. I lasted there about 8 minutes and didn't get a darn thing.

Alix doesn't seem to be doing too well today. Nothing dramatic, just looking a bit weak and tired and refusing most of the food I offer her. I started her last week on "Epakitin" a medicine for older cats who have trouble processing phosphates in their food due to kidney trouble. Harmien recommended it, as her 20+ year old cat Gabber has been using it for a while with good results. I don't know if I was hoping for some miracle cure, but I really haven't noticed any change in Alix. Infact, she seems to be declining a bit. Of course there is no miracle cure for old age and I am blessed to have her with me this long. So the Birthday Journey, is now a stay-at-home day with my beloved animals and my nearly as beloved sewing machine.

Speaking of Harmien, look at this amazing gift she sent me. Her needlework is always more like artwork. The stitches are so fine and even. She has posted the details of this beautiful draw-string bag on her blog.

A good, if some what hot, day at the gym yesterday. One of the girls in my junior group, Callie, was approved to move up to my Level 4 Team group. I am so proud! It has been several years since I had 'my own' gymnast move to Team. It makes a world of difference in coaching when I can work with a child from the age of 4 and then see them move up to the Competition Team level. The little girl to her right, Sydney, will be moving up next week after the Head Coach evaluates her skills.

On the cross-stitch front, my success at the gym has translated into a renewed interest in my own gymnast designs. Here is Alina Kozich of Ukraine nearly complete. Tons of frogging to correct her skinny neck problem, due to my miscounting. I just have to readjust the placement of her right hand to make it complete. I have several new gymnast designs in the planning stages. As the Olympics get closer I become more and more the excited 12 year old who had that first glimpse of Nadia Comaneci on this day 32 years ago! The rest, as they say, is history...........


  1. Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!!
    Fingers crossed Alix perks up soon!

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jennifer ... happy birthday to you! :D

    Lots of loving hugs and thoughts from way over here!

  3. Hope Alix is having a better day today. I love your gymnastics pictures. You do a great job with them.

    What a cutie back in 1966!!!!

  4. Oh my, that dress! Too cute. Happy belated birthday :o)

  5. Happy belated birthday!! I've been so much behind in blog reading and it was great to catch up with yours!!