Monday, August 4, 2008

Better Late Then Never

Yes, at last an update. I know all of you have been just hanging out in front of your computers waiting for the fabulously riveting news that flows from these fingers on to the keyboard. I turn on this machine with the best of intentions of updating every day, or at least to view and comment on other blogs, but no such luck. I have had some e-mail and Internet issues lately; some work-related issues; vacation issues, some financial issues........basically just a bunch of issues that have kept me either away from or too aggravated at the computer to sit here long enough to update. There is even a minor "stalking" incident that prevents me from being as open and honest as I wish to be here...but maybe that is a good thing.
Went to the sidewalk sales of historic Lebanon a few weekends ago. Came back with a some little gifties for Christmas and this selection of vintage patterns for myself. The main drag of Lebanon is geared toward the antiquing/tourist crowd and the prices in the shops are outrageous. Even though I am "in town" every day to go to the gym I never shop there. It was nice to spend a Saturday morning browsing around looking at all the beautiful items. I came away with some nice stuff and only spent about $20. The next day we found yard sale and I got this interesting box. The needlepoint bird looks pretty old. I really like him though. The piece can slide out the top of the framed section so I can refinish the box and put my own work in there. Mr. Birdie may end up in a nice frame instead. At the same yard sale I picked up two packages of dressmakers transfer paper, two zippers and a small piece of silk fabric, all for the grand total of $3.00. Like they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure".
Have totally fallen off the wagon with my New Year's Resolution. Are we even allowed to talk about those by the time August rolls around? I did make it through the 6 months of no stitchy/crafty/sewing stash buying. By the end of July with a little birthday cash burning a whole in my checkbook I went wild on-line. Some hand dyed threads from Etsy, some Valdani threads, some Threadworx threads and some Heatherfield fabric.....which is on sale at Laurel's Stitchery as I write. I just love Laurel's on-line shop. I am generally not a very picky on-line shopper, but I have become a little more aware of shipping rates lately. Laurel's is $2.00 regardless of how much you buy ($8 airmail overseas). Her selection is good, her prices are reasonable and her shipping is fast. I have found other on-line shops with a bigger selection but their prices are higher, shipping rates outrageous and they are incredibly slow to ship. So there is my little advertisement for the day.
On the stitching front, I've been working on some ornaments and little UFO projects. No pics right now because I am still in the heat of the moment and rushed to get things done. I have committed myself ( should I just stop there!?) to 4 craft bazaars: September 27, October ??, November 8, and December 13. These also involve a massive amount of doll clothes. The sewing machine will be burning up these next few weeks. My wacky Halloween chef did get finished though. Some "blood" stains here, a few burn holes there and...............

Alix continues to live a rather happy and healthy life, along with her friends, Sammy, Coal, Elliot, Mocha, Bud the dog and Twinsy the neighbor cat. The other day the whole gang was all together in the yard, but I missed the photo op. Speaking of photos ops...A little fire alarm at the gym (no actual fire, just some dust from construction) gave me a chance to snap the group outside in the sunshine.
I hope to write here more often if I can become more "Blogger Girl" and less "Issue Girl".


  1. Stalking issues... that sounds freaky! Better send out the wacky chef with a ladle to protect you. He's hilarious by the way and looking very gory!! Alix looks great!!

  2. Totally cool finds, Jennifer!

    Great to see you blogging again. I hope you can shake your creepy "fan".