Thursday, August 7, 2008

PIF from Leena!

My computer has been behaving so badly lately that I have limited my time on-line and therefore have not gone to all my favorite blogs, read posts and left comments. I went to visit Leena today and to my surprise I have been chosen as part of her PIF. To be quite honest I left a comment on her blog because I had no idea what a PIF was!! It ended up I was one of the first three commenters and now I am included in the PIF exchange. Once again wonderful Edgar came to my rescue and explained it all to me so he will be the first one to get a stitched gift from me. This will be totally free of any PIF obligations, just a "thank you" for being so helpful.
So here goes...............
* I promise to stitch something for the first three persons who leave a comment to this post.
* You'll receive a stitched gift in 12 months, hopefully sooner :)
* You have to blog this as well and continue sharing
Wish me luck!


  1. Hi!
    I"m responding! What is a PIF? Think I"ll have to look that up too! what a kind thing to offer! I wish you all the luck and hope that your computer will behave better!

  2. hello,
    I'm Japanese,and I'm not good at English,so probably I don't understand about PIF well seems to be interesting.Can I become one of yours three?
    (I hope I understand PIF correctly...)


  3. Hi Jennifer: You asked about the fairs -- both of the fairs changed their entry requirements & allow anybody to enter. No more residency requirements