Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Stash-Part One

The first group of items I so selfishly bought on-line has arrived. The first two threads are from the Etsy shop of Desert Sky. Aren't they lovely and so unique. For some reason I am drawn to the more dramatic hand-dyed flosses, rather then the more muted colors. So far I have acquired quite a few of these wild colors from various companies and have yet to use them. All of my charts call for DMCs or soft, traditional colors. A split personality thing going on! The second group is a selection of Valdani threads and Threadworx threads. Both of these companies are relatively new (to me anyway). I have never had Valdani threads before and Threadworx are the replacements for the old Needle Necessities I loved so much. Valdani is 10 yards each and the Threadworx are a whopping 20 yards each. I got them for a great price at Anita's website. Anita has a very small on-line shop with a limited selection of threads. She more then makes up for this with her friendly and helpful e-mails, her great prices and her superbly low shipping fees. She also designs her own patterns, go have a look-see.

Waiting for the fabrics to arrive, hopefully this weekend. The weather has improved greatly. We had a nice amount of rain a few days ago that relieved the mini drought in my garden. It also spared me from dragging the linked up garden hoses all over the place. Now the humidity is gone and it is a very comfortable 78 degrees F. Can't beat that for stitching outside on the patio. The sewing machine will make it's trip out there on Friday to complete some more doll clothes.


  1. Very lovely stash, Jennifer!

    Good luck on your PIF. I'm not commenting on that post, though, because I don't want to accidently get caught PIFfing. ;)

  2. Love your new fiber. I have ordered some Threadworx. Interested to see how close to NN it really is.