Saturday, October 4, 2008

Almost Back

Although the electric came back on very shortly after my last post ( Sunday 21 September) I have been avoiding the computer for the past two weeks. I just found so many other "non-electronic" things to keep me busy during the week-long blackout that I am finding it hard to settle back in to blogging again. Yes, I miss everyone and I have browsed around a little and left a few comments. But I have felt really disconnected ( pardon the pun) from blogging, e-mailing and even my beloved eBay!
I apologize for the extended absence and I really have no excuse for it but my own selfishness. It is hard to let several hours drift away here at the computer while waiting on this slow dial-up connection to finish the tasks I've requested. I am instead spending my time mostly outside, reading, sewing, cleaning up the yard ( yes, there is still some lingering damage to be repaired), or just enjoying the time with my Joe and our pets. Sort of a throw-back to 100 years ago...a time I am more suited to anyway. Time at the gym drags me back to the 21st Century for several hours a day, but I am not finding much pleasure in gymnastics these days either. A "Mid-Life Crisis" perhaps? I am not quite sure, but whatever it is the flip of the electrical switch did not cure it.
Again on a selfish note, I have been plagued once more by the pain in my left shoulder, neck and collar bone, which could account for the lack of enthusiasm for coaching gymnastics. It's gone from mildly annoying to life-disrupting this past week. It keeps me up at night as I struggled to find a comfortable sleeping position. Most days I have headaches the run up the left side of my face and make me squint in my left eye. The amazing American medical insurance system (or lack there of) prevents me from going to the doctor or chiropractor. I am also a bit afraid the diagnosis would end my career as a coach. I still swim three mornings a week and that seems to do no harm. I've managed to lose 3 pounds, but for nearly 7 weeks of swimming that isn't much of an accomplishment. I tend to use food for comfort these days and that has always spelled trouble for me.
So, my dear friends, I will still read your blogs and comment as often as I can. I love to see all your stitching, crafts, family photos, pets and wonderful stories. I may be an "absent poster", but I am still an avid reader.
I send big and joyous BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to Edgar and Larisa. Edgar, you are such a dear sweet man and I could not let this day pass without a happy birthday wish to you. Your kindness and generousity have overwhelmed me. I am so glad I met you.
Larisa, who may or may not be able to read my blog, Happy Birthday wishes to you my wonderful friend for so many years. I did not forget you; I'm just a few days late. I have shared with you things I could never tell anyone else. Thank you for opening up your life to me. I treasure your friendship!
Hope to post again soon at "full strength" and add some photos too.


  1. Oh dear, Jennifer, this is terrible. It's not my business, but have you tried (or considered) acupuncture? It's less expensive than a chiropractor and can be really remarkably successful.

    I wish that whatever's causing the pain, it goes away. I hate to think of someone as kind and gentle as you being in constant pain!!

  2. Dear Jennifer

    Finnaly , after looking every day, some "news" from you. But so sorry this is not all "good" news.
    I do agree the idee from Barbarabout acupuncture ( it was a great help for my mother) .

    A lot of rest and no stress is already a good start to feeling better.... wish i could help
    love, nicole

  3. Oh Jennifer...I'm so sorry to read that you're having neck shoulder pain...I had that the year I was pregnant with Ellie...the doctor couldn't prescribe medicine due to my condition so I had to go to Physical Therapy every other day for a month...Let me tell worked WONDERS...perhaps you should give that a try? It really did work....

  4. Dear, Jennifer! That is really a great surprise you've mentioned of me in your blog. Thanks for nice words to me. Thanks you remember of my birthday, too. I red your blog regularly, but still I've not an idea how to put my comments here. I hope I am lucky for this time :) Love. Your sincere friend Larisa.

  5. Have you seen the button "Blogging without obligation"? I saw it on others' blogs and added one yesterday. I think it sums up well what I think about blogging... :) Jennifer, you can't treat it as an obligation neither to write your own nor to answer to others, or you'll end up discouraged one day, this is my Sunday wisdom delivered free of charge to you! LOL
    Sorry to hear about your pain... you need to find an alternative way...? In the meantime, big hugs to you!!