Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I was RAK'd twice last week. I have been so caught up in my troubles over posting photos(or lack there-of) that I totally forgot to acknowledge the two wonderful people who sent me gifts....Edgar and Diane. Although I call these random they were more like "Purposeful" Acts of Kindness. Diane had read my comment on another blog about not being able to find the Just Cross-Stitch 2008 ornament issue any where and she graciously sent me an extra copy she had. Edgar read about my "weakness" here for Royalty Magazine and he has generously offered to send me his copies when he's through with them (yes, I did get the first shipment!). Two wishes granted in one week thanks to two wonderful people.
Dare I try to post a photo today?............................



  1. How wonderful of Dianne and Edgar! :D

  2. Aren't your stitching friends the best. I read someone else's blog that they were having problems doing pictures too. Have no idea what to tell you to do.