Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hmmm, Maybe A Photo Or Two?

As I get closer to my milestone 100th post, I'm getting more and more frustrated over not being able to post photos. I have cleaned out all sorts of files, adjusted and re-adjusted various settings and still nothing. I have tons of stuff to share. Photos of stitching, pumpkin caving, costume making, frolicking pets. I try, day after day and always the repetitive page pops up "Upload Photos". Yes, YES I want to upload photos! Then why won't Blogger do that for me?
This morning I found three kittens by the road side. They were on the end of our street, but very near the busy highway cross-roads. One was pale orange-striped, another dark gray with golden markings and the third, the smallest one, was all black. I very much wanted to keep them, but I knew that would upset the delicate balance of pets we already have. Sammy would accept them immediately, but I was afraid both Coal and Elliot would chase them into the road. I couldn't bear to take them to the local animal shelter. Although it is a wonderful place that does a lot of good, it is not a no-kill shelter. If the kittens were not adopted after a certain amount of time they would be euthanized. So I took them to my Vet. She always has several animals roaming around the place, waiting to be adopted. She was pretty full-up on cats but agreed to take them for one month. At least for that amount of time I know they are safe and well cared for. After that, if they are not adopted, I must decide whether to take them to a shelter, a pet store or back home with me. I know what I will choose if it comes down to that, but I really can't have any more cats inside. With Alix being so old I think 3 new little guys would upset her very much. In a month it would be too cold to introduce three little indoor cats to the cold outdoors of our barn. Mocha does fine year-round outside, but she has always lived in the barn or on the porch. I will still sleep well tonight knowing the little kitties are away from the road and away from the awful person who dumped them there. It is just so painful to think that no one wants them. I will get to see them again tomorrow when I take Bud, Elliot and Sammy in for their annual shots. I will take a few photos of them...but of course you will never see them here!


  1. I can totally identify with what you are goung through with the cats and kittens. (That is how I wound up with 6 indoor cats and 1 outdoor cat. Having been through this a number of times, (I rescue cats and kittens), I can tell you that it is a lot easier with kittens. The older ones adjust to them much quicker than you might think.
    When you take in an older cat, I have found that there are 3 weeks of screams, fights, horrible yowling, etc., but after that it is as if they have always lived together! They may not be best buds, but they accept each other. I don't know why but it always seems to be 3 weeks!
    Good luck!

  2. Mail me one!! LOL! I wish it were that simple. Actually, I'm off to see my doctor next week about allergy shots ... I just can't take the constant sneezing, itching, wheezing, teary eyes ... but I'm not getting rid of my furbabies!!!

  3. I'd take one if I could, sigh... I must be too tired today - didn't understand well what you think you'll do after the one month? What I'm always saying, is God please, please, don't put a poor, abandoned dog in need on the path of my daily walks. Did take one once... and would do it again. I am not reasonable when I see animals in need.