Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain and Royalty

Two days of nearly nonstop rain has given me a chance to make some CDs of my collection of Royalty photos. As some of you know I am a big fan of Victorian Era Royalty and search through books and the Web to find interesting vintage photos. Here are a few of a lesser known royal lady, Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna of Russia. In the photo below she poses with her eldest son Nikolai and her younger daughter Vera.

Born Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenberg (1830-1911), she was the wife of Grand Duke Konstantine, brother of Tsar Alexander II. Her eldest daughter became Queen Olga of Greece(1851-1926) and is shown in the photo with her here in the early 1860's.

With daughter Olga(right) and grand-daughters Alexandra Georgievna(left) and Maria Georgievna(in front) of Greece.

Of course it is Thursday and I will not let this week pass by without an update on my CHS Primitive Stocking for Annemarie's SAL. Just a small amount of progress made. Once I start browsing through the Royal photos I get so inspired by the costumes that the cross-stitch gets pushed aside and I start sketching doll dress versions of the period gowns from the photos.

The rain held off for about an hour yesterday morning shortly after I had posted here. It was just long enough to fulfill one of my plant my tomatoes. Then the downpours came and there are little ponds all over the garden. I had worried that the tiny plants would be crushed, but all are standing up OK...10 Striped Romas and 6 Pineapple Heirlooms.

The sun has broken through again, about an hour ago. Just long enough for Carmella to enjoy a little roll-around on the walkway.


  1. What great looking photos of Royalty. I am also a huge Royalty fan and love looking at their photos. There are some very regal looking ladies there.
    Your stocking is looking lovely. - Sandra.

  2. I didn't know you were a Royalty buff. Neat photos! Glad you had such a pleasurable way to pass the rainy days! :D

  3. Wowie! Actual Stocking progress. You're one of a very few, although I'm happy to say I WILL be sharing some next week. Really!
    If you're such a royalty buff, I think you should try to get your hands on a book called 'Royal Babylon'. It's non-fictional and it's hysterical!