Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I would like to think that's the sound that stitching makes. Yes, the sewing machine really has it's own sound. And I suppose hand stitching makes it's own little noises too. But the sound of "stitchy-stitch" is what's been flowing from this house lately. The "Spring Break" from the gym is fast approaching. This week is what we coaches loving call F-Week. Fun Meet week. A three day extravaganza of all the gymnasts from all the classes and the Team performing in a three night/two shows a night marathon. I vaguely remembering writing a very similar post last year...it's amazing how time flies, and what the mind wishes it could block out. I had yesterday off in preparation for all the "F" to hit the fan tonight, and I felt the need to set the tone for my up-coming two week break from work. I bought paint to paint the bathroom door and ceiling and some of the outdoor variety to paint the porch trim. Then I sat down and opened up the WIP cabinet. New canvas cover for my old swing in the yard-DONE.(Sammy and Coal wasted no time in checking it out) A pair of soft, light denim jeans from McCall's pattern-DONE. A pair of light striped denim jeans from JC Penney hemmed-DONE. Jane Austin Sampler, from March 2007 Gift of Stitching on-line magazine-DONE (shown here with my Jane, who desperately needs a new dress). Way too much stash buying at eBay, Amazon, JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby-DONE. Primitive Stocking-DONE(pic to be shown Thursday on SAL update day).
Busy, busy, busy.....which distracts me from some sad news. The mystery cat, Morris, is once again a mystery. He disappeared early last week and I haven't seen him since. I've done the mandatory search of the fields and the ditches along the roadside...nothing. That I suppose is good news. Maybe he's moved on to another house, or has found his way back to his own family. He was such a nice boy, so friendly. I gave him some anti-biotic for his cough and sneeze trouble and some flea and tick spot stuff so he's pretty healthy and clean too. We miss him and hope he returns.


  1. Wow, check out your DONE list... Well DONE!!! I That garden swing looks great, would love one in our garden!

  2. You've put me to shame, Jennifer, and just when I was feeling I'd been halfway productive! But seriously, good for you! That's DONE list to be very proud of!

    I'm sorry to hear that Morris has moved on, but now that he's all healthy and rested up, it seems he's gone back to his other life. Whatever it may be. It was good of you to give him the love he needed to get back on his paws again.

  3. You have been busy! And look at your new stash-yeah! Good for you.

    I hope Morris turns up soon. Keep us posted.