Monday, July 20, 2009

Dare I??????

Dare I even try to post an update? My computer is a complete mess. It simply eats files and then pukes them out in some form of gibberish. It ate my virus protection program. Says it just doesn't exist anymore, and even if it did there's not enough memory to support it. I can hardly hold on to an Internet connection, and when I'm not working on the Internet this annoying little box pops up every 10 seconds to prompt me to connect to the Internet. We manage to get one somewhat hassle-free connection per day. Yes, one. Once I log off I can't get back on-line unless I completely shut down the computer and try again.
As for me life away from the "Box from Hell"........
My birthday Saturday ( Number 45!!) was good, no....GREAT! Really. I haven't had a birthday party since I was about 12 years old. On Friday night I decided I wanted a party. We had a cook-out at 5pm with 6 of our neighbors, two of their children and a dear friend who used to rent a room from us. Quite and eclectic bunch, but fun was had by all. I got cards and gifts from everyone! I was totally shocked. Don't get me wrong, I love presents but I was taught from a very young age to never be so rude as to ask for a gift, or so vain to actually expect a gift. I got a wonderful gift card to Outback Steakhouse, some new flowers for my garden, a crisp $50 bill and a cute jacket made of canvas fabric with cats all over it.

Here's where you would be viewing photos if I thought the darn things would up-load in less the 4 hours.

Not much stitching at all this weekend. I did kit up Mirabilia's "Mediterranean Mermaid" with all her lovely threads, beads, crystals and metallics for my friend Larisa in Russia. On Sunday we went out to the local flea market to celebrate our 21st Anniversary. It was a super day because I found all the little flea market gadgets I always search for and never find. 12 pieces of doll house furniture for $10, some creepy-cute Halloween lights--2 boxes for $3, and a stash of interesting cross-stitch fabrics of varied counts and colors. They are small pieces, but I got 27 of them for $12.

Yes, here's where more photos should be.

Elliot is slowly recovering from his itchy fur issues. I actually had to give him a bath last Wednesday. So not fun. I was really concerned for his mental state. He thrashed around so much and his little heart was pounding. It took nearly 30 minutes wrapped in a towel to calm him after the bath adventure. I have to do it all again this Wednesday, but I am seriously considering skipping it. He also has antibiotic medicine and some holistic little pellets made of Calendula.

Yup, another blank space where a photo should be.

I've worked a lot on the new dollhouse over the past 3 days. This is the one Joe found at a yard sale for $25. A huge, hulking, hardwood, 3 storey, 7 room, home-made antique. Joe added 2 storey additions on either side and now it's quite the Victorian masterpiece. It's nearly completely furnished and I worked on wallpapering it with scrapbook papers. The large master bedroom needs some hardwood flooring and a good papering and then I need to construct the roofs on the additions.

Your guessed in this space.

Hey, it's raining! Yeah. I've been hoping for rain. Can't use the garden house because the genius plumber (Joe's friend) hooked up the outside spout to the hot water valve! It's been incredibly dry lately, but luckily way below the usual temperatures for 20 degrees below the normal temperatures! The dog and cats have loved it though. And so do the chickens. Yes, chickens. Apparently the neighbors have gotten 5 Guinea (sp?) birds and they seem to like my house better then their own. The cats don't even bother them a bit. Carmella gave it a shot and then quickly realized she was out numbered. They're very pretty, although a bit 'messy' if you know what I mean. Three males and 2 females.

Photo? Photo? Someday.

Hopefully by the end of this week I can do a proper update with photos and all the bells and whistles. For those of you waiting on an e-mail from me...... yes, I'm still alive, but my computer not so much.


  1. Wow, what a terrific post, if picture-free. ;) So sorry you're having these awful computer issues. I fear I'm not far from it as I frequently get the dreaded Blue Screen and the old beast goes slower and s l o w e r every day. Niek says we can look for a replacement in Maine. Hooray.

    Anyway, happy birthday. Darn, I am so sorry I misssed it. I've been a total loss with birthdays this year and I am sorry. But how wonderful that you had a party and had so much FUN! :D

    I hope the kitty fur problems resolve themselves soon and that your life with chickens remains fun. :D Good luck with the remaining remodeling of the dollhouse - cannot wait to see pictures! :D

  2. Rats, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Jennifer. Silly me, so busy with myself that I completely forget my friends. Also very sorry to learn of your computer problems. That can't be fun. Still, I'm sure your pictures are all lovely :o)
    Pantoef is sending healing thoughts Elliot's way!

  3. Hope your computer issues get worked out soon. Nothing more annoying and frustrating than computer problems. When it is at home, it is hard to call for tech support like you would in an office.

    I forgot your birthday. Sorry. Sounds like you celebrated nicely.

    Cannot wait too see photos of your dollhouse.