Thursday, July 30, 2009

What To Call This?

That all depends on if this works out for me. If the pictures upload and everything goes well I could call this "Yippee, A Wonderful Thursday". If not, then it will be something like "Time To Throw This !^)(&$ & ^*&=%+$@ Computer Out The Window!" Unfortunately the computer room is on the first floor, so not much destruction could be done.
So now, with out the safety of a net, I will walk the imaginary tight-rope of photo posting. Here (drum roll please) are some of the photos that match up with my last post. Oh, by the way, for those of you who hadn't noticed....the computer ate the banner photo at the top of my blog. The "dwelling place" has vanished and refuses to reload. So, what else is new!?

Nope, no photos today. Piece of **bleepin'** crap computer!

I have read all of your bogs and when I get rid of this foul mood I will post some comments. It looks like my next update with any substantial "eye candy" will be from my dad's computer in the middle of August.


  1. I am feeling your pain!!! When our computer fried I just wanted to heave it out the window!!

    just take deep breaths!!!!

  2. Hope things get better for you soon!