Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everythings' Coming Up Roses.....

...and daisies

...and sedum
...and coneflower
......and even Hollyhocks!
It's a banner year for my flower beds. Just the right mix of sun, rain and moderate temperatures in the Spring has produced an abundance of flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. I've tired for over a decade to grow Hollyhocks. The batch above I started from seed last spring and over-Wintered them with straw and what wonderful results. I want to start some black variety this year.
Lots of stitchy things to show, but more of that next time. I knew I needed to make a brief update to get back in the swing of blogging on a regular basis. Until next time I wish you "Good Cheer"!


  1. Beautiful flowers...and I bet they smell glorious! Love the little Good Cheer ornie, so adorable!!!

  2. WOW, Jennifer! What an extravaganza!! Mother Nature has surely smiled on your flower gardens! :D

  3. Your garden is looking gorgeous

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous. Nice stitched ornament too.