Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank You Mother Nature!

I've had friends tell me lately that they are feeling God moving in their lives. Some through people returning from their past, others through certain positive events in the jobs or personal lives. In my case I am seeing God's work through Nature. I have never put much value (and even moreso in the past months) in the "artificial world". You know, those things conjured up through greed and publicity and egotism. I held out hope that I would soon see an outward sign that my patience would be rewarded. And now I see it! Everywhere throughout my yard things are blooming and growing and moving forward with Life, despite the heavy burden of that artifical world. For some reason things seem greener this year; brighter, more healthy. Plants that have lay dorment for years are suddenly re-blooming without any help from me at all! There are colors of irises that I thought were long-gone. My treasured gift from my gymnasts, the azalea bush, is in rare form this Spring. The tulips put on a display that I haven't seen since they were first planted over 10 years ago.
Something is moving, awakening and it's telling me to do the same. All this time of idleness, of anger, of stress has to be left behind. What a waste it has been. There is a stack of letters that need to be answered. All the dolls could have had complete new wardrobes by now. There has been time enough to make each and every one of my friends a cross-stitch gift and a pair of socks. Time to finish painting this room, to fix the front fence, to lose some pounds and get in shape again. I've wasted it all. Did I think I was achieving some sort of "victory" by wallowing in my self-pity? Was I proving some sort of bizarre point by closing myself away? The plants and the flowers are telling me otherwise. They are telling me to get up off my roots and bloom!


  1. I love your comments and couldn't agree with you more. Spring is lovely but slow to come here in the Pacific NW. Each day I try to go out to my garden to see new growth. Today ,however, we got a frost warning for tonight. But Spring will continue to fight her way here!

  2. Wonderful pictures and words, Jennifer. I can relate to so much of all this. So much.

    Bless you, my friend!

  3. Wow, Jennifer, what an uplifting post! Thanks for sharing some of your positivity with us! :D

  4. What an uplifiting and wonderful post Jennifer! I know you'll excel at anything you put your mind and heart to.
    I think that in today's world as in any other time in history people forget that God is there each and every day, they just don't take the time to know and look and listen. Much like the Footsteps Poem, He carries us when we are unable to walk with Him.