Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 For someone who claims to not be doing too much stitching, I certainly do have a rather large pile of WIPs floating around here.  In the world of gymnastics, the European Championships ended a few weeks ago and the World Championships are long since over.  My gymnastics WIP is World Champion on Floor Exercise, Lauren Mitchell of Australia.

From the more recent European Championships I have selected a few more colorful and interesting leotards that are inspiring me to draw up some new designs.
 On the non-gymnastics front there is "Summer Jubilee" by Blackbird Designs
 and a lovely (if a bit complex) seahorse from the August 2007 issue of Just Cross-Stitch magazine.
Socky finishes included "Sweet Stripes" by Patons Kroy Socks.  Patons Kroy always seems to knit-up a bit larger then intended.  I also continue to find new colors at my local Hobby Lobby that I haven't seen on-line or in catalogs. 

The other pair of socks is Lion Brand Sock-Ease "Lemon Drop".

I'm still shifting around some doll dress ideas in my head with the assistance of these:
My dog-walking job is always a WIP, but a fun one with surprises from the giant beasts everyday.  Luckily the "surprises" haven't been of that variety lately........only good stuff.  Though they are someone else's pets, they seem awfully attached to me.  They are big and clumsy, but are very friendly and obedient.
The big day is fast approaching.  I can hardly wait to set that alarm for 5am so I can watch the BBC coverage of the Royal Wedding from beginning to end!  Finished up my Royal Wedding Sampler this morning.  Not quite what I thought it would be.  But since my only other ventures into cross-stitch design have been gymnasts, I think it came out OK.
Good Luck and Best Wishes to William and Kate!!


  1. What gorgeous dogs! Are they Great Danes??

    Your socks are amazing. Those yellow ones actually made me taste lemon in my mouth when I looked at the picture!

    Great designing so far with the gymnasts - your talent is amazing. :D

  2. I love your socks Jennifer! So cute and they look so soft.
    Looking forward to seeing your ideas on the doll dresses develop :)

    I was wondering - are you on Ravelry? If you are I would love to friend you and follow your projects over there.

  3. Great cross-stitching! I love the seahorse a lot)))