Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Headless Wonder

OK, memory stick in-hand, I attempt to upload some photos.  The first is a near-finish of gymnast Viktoria Komova of Russia.  She is my top pick for the London Olympics this Summer.

Next up is Ana Progras of Romania that I finished a few weeks ago.  Too bad Ana has retired and won't be in London.
Then on to a bit of knitting.  I finished a pair of Kroy "camo Colors" for Joe and then started up on these.  I seem to be suffering from Single Sock Syndrome!  Loving the new colors, but can't seem to focus enough to finish another full pair.  Focus seems to be the issue all around these days.  Sitting here at the library computer, the old man across from me eyeing my flying fingers on the keyboard, I just can't seem to compose a post with any rhyme or reason.  It is more like a task then a joyful writing and sharing experience.

Flashing back for a moment to last weekend's District competition.  The theme was Emerald City ( Wizard of Oz).  In light of the recent tornadoes in the area we left out the beginning of the story and went right to the fantasy part....Yellow Brick Road, Field of Poppies, costumed characters, etc.  My boss is dressed as Dorothy, with some very patient (although over-heated) parents as the remaining characters.

My craft-doll clothes booth was not nearly as successful as i thought it would be.  Most parents wanted to exit quickly after a marathon day of competition and be outside in the marvelous weather.

The weather has taken a bit of a turn today.  Only topping out at 61 degrees F.  Most of last week was 80+F!  Now tonight a freeze warning is in effect.  I wonder what that will do to all the little plants I've uncovered.  After an unusually mild Winter, many didn't even die-back, but remained green under the piles of leaves.

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