Monday, March 19, 2012

Here We Go..............

With memory stick in hand (or actually "in computer")  I make another valiant attempt to post photos from the library computer.  Just finished an exhausting weekend of District Championships at the gym.  I coached one session early Saturday morning and the remainder of the weekend was spent sitting at my craft booth.
Jorydn Wieber (USA) finished and framed and up for sale
Not very successful financially, but I did connect with an old friend I hadn't seen in over two years.  Also had plenty of time to chat and "network" with fellow gymnastics geeks.
So there it is, the ONE photo I was able to upload.  Apparently I can't edit the photos on my memory stick on this public computer!  Rather then subject you to side-ways views of the other craft items I will wait until I can use my neighbor's computer.
The weather is positively gorgeous.  I need to get out of this dusty place, go home and let the cats run around in the yard until it's time to go back to the gym.  Seems like I just left there less then 24 hours ago!  Off I go, back to the "unplugged" world at home...........................


  1. Wonderful new creation, Jennifer! Great to hear from you. :)

  2. Awesome xstitch finish! So sorry about the computer troubles. You might check out, they have pretty good deals on computers :)

  3. Great finish!!! An unplugged life! What a dream!! LOL...I actually turned off my computer for 27 hours this past weekend, and it was wonderful! I gotta do it more often!