Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sew What

This!  A selection of felt sweets.  I'm totally obsessed with making these.  The strawberry shortcake and the s'more are from  "Quilts & More" magazine.  The cookies are from patterns by the wonderful Etsy seller 'Sweet Emma Jean'.  Not only does she sell the patterns (along with those for picnic food, pies and various fruit cakes), she also sells the felt packets to complete the entire project.

A  pair socks, knitted a few weeks ago. I used Premier Deborah Norvilla Serenity in "Surf".  I made them just above ankle height so they can be used in warmer weather.  The little frog is a bean bag made of had-dyed batik fabric I purchased in Florida over a decade ago.

"Quaker Frog" from The Workbasket series of animals.  Stitched long ago, but finally made into a box.

Lovely Tess got a new dress last week.  Black and gold stripey pattern that the Victorians would consider 'half-mourning' attire. 

On the cooking front this book by Rachael Ray has become my go to for nearly everything.  Many of her recipes use inexpensive chicken legs or thighs and I love her slightly Mediterranean flair.

Still struggling with moving photos around in a post, so this is a bit rambling and disorganized.  Haven't quite mastered the art of the laptop "mouse", or rather non-mouse as it may be.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! I love the Workbasket frog - great use of colors. You just visited my blog Garden Grumbles and left a comment - as you are set up on blogger as "no reply" I'm replying here - yes Down to Earth is a local store - 2 locations in Eugene - google them DTE - Eugene they distribute too - pretty unique we are lucky to have 'em! Like you blog!