Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chatfield College Quilt Show

A cloudy, rainy Saturday turned out to be an interesting day.  I went with my neighbor Sharee, her daughter, her sister and her nephew to the quilt and craft show at Chatfield College.  This lovely old school is run by the Ursuline Order of Catholic Sisters and the quilt exhibit was displayed in their beautiful chapel.  There were also four other campus buildings filled with handmade jewelry, stained glass,soaps, herbs, knitting, crochet and various other needlework.  Also many booths that sold gorgeous calico fabrics and quilting books. 
This one got my vote in the "Viewers Choice" poll

Oooh, such cute kitties

The architecture was amazing!

I was barely able to restrain myself to the $7.00 that was in my purse.  I spent $5.50 and got a kit for this cute little origami bag (pattern and fabrics included) and a half yard of 18 count aida for $1.50.  What a bargain on both items.  There were tons of other fabrics and numerous books that I wanted to buy, but my stash is already over-flowing.

Now, off to stitch!


  1. Nifty quilts, Jennifer! I'm loving your frequent blogging. :)

  2. The kitty quilt is so cute, what an awesome quilt show.