Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

The First of May.  I remember this day had quite a bit of significance when I was younger.  When I was an aspiring gymnast May Day equalled Soviet Union and Soviet Union equalled the Mecca of the Gymnastics World!  In my childish mind I built up the myth that if I celebrated this day, I too would become a champion gymnast.  I even wore a little red bandanna around my neck in my idiotic interpretation of the Russian 'Young Pioneer' group.  Of course the teacher made me remove it, as she was far more aware of the actual significance then I was.  Luckily I had three team-mates that did exactly the same thing, so I wasn't a total geek all by myself.  As time progressed (and I became more knowledgeable about world history) May 1st became 'Beach Day'.  Yes,  it was far too cold at the Jersey Shore this time of year.  It was simply the romanticism of cutting school and heading down to Seaside Heights with a group of friends.  It never hurt if there were a few hot boys included in that group.  If I stood close enough to one of them someone might even think he was my actual boyfriend.George L. if your out there you know exactly what I mean.

Now May 1st means a bit of sun after a downpour last night.  The beginnings of my fairy garden held up pretty well.

Not so lucky were the baby tomato plants.  Hopefully a some of sun and they will bounce back.  They are destined to be my major food supply this Summer.

The irises are about ready to burst forth.  So may things are already blooming from the unusually warm weather in March and early April.  I'm getting confused as to what the schedule is for the flower beds.

Back to the world of gymnastics for a moment.  My first attempt to upload a short video clip.  This is Abby performing an insane drill for flyaway dismounts.  To most of you that's "bla,bla, bla, bla bla"  Some of you gym fans my understand the concept behind this.  The younger group just stared in disbelief...............

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