Thursday, May 10, 2012

Totally Obsessed!

Please excuse the lack of stitching, knitting, crafting or even blog-updating lately.  I am totally obsessed with the 2012 European Gymnastics Championships taking place in Brussels, Belgium this week.  The fact that I finally have a hi-speed Internet connection has made the obsession even worse.  Hours of downloading not only gorgeous photos (these by the artist Grace Chiu ) but the multitude of VIDEOS out there has consumed hours of my time.  Well, not the numerous hours it took before on dial-up.  I never thought I could be so enamoured of a piece of modern technology.  As a coach and judge this is just priceless for me.  To be able to see these routines moments after they occur.....OK, maybe you have to be a total gymnastics geek to appreciate this.  Anyway, enjoy these lovely photos while I go back to watch some more of the competition.

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