Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midwest Wool Festival 2013

As it does every year, Young's Jersey Dairy hosted the Midwest Wool Festival.  On Friday night it poured rain so I skipped Saturday and went on Sunday instead.

The famous Jersey cows were in their glory on the sunny, crisp day.  Young's is abut 35 miles northwest of where I live.  It is a fully functional dairy farm, along with a miniature gold course, driving range, hay rides, petting zoo,  restaurant and ice cream shop.

The large field behind the main building was set up with three huge tents filled with vendors and displays.

I arrived just in time for the sheep-shearing demonstration.  The man lectured throughout the shearing, never missing a beat or an inch of wool.  The sheep was surprisingly mellow.

So much wonderful wool in all it's forms.

And of course the main attraction, the sheep.  They are all so lovely, I couldn't choose a favorite breed.

Of course I managed to come away with a bit of sock-making stash.  The orange is "Vitamin C" by Fiber Optic Yarns.  The other two are by Knitted to a T.  The blue/yellow is "Not A Cloud In The Sky" and the pink/brown tweed is "Cherry Cordial.
I picked up the new 2013 Just Cross-Stitch Ornament Issue today, but cross-stitch is for another day.  I am obsessed with socks again for a while!

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