Saturday, September 21, 2013

Speaking of Xs......................

Prom circa 1983's the big cheese of all the ex's!  My high school/college boyfriend who I dated for 6 years. Ah well, let's just chalk that one up to hard lessons learned.  Moving on................

Some cross stitch finishes and starts.  After 5 years, yes you read that correctly FIVE YEARS, I finished this little doll house carpet.  I loved working on it, but the poor thing kept getting pushed aside in favor of other projects.  It now has a home in my Victorian dollhouse.

So what to do when it takes five years to complete a dollhouse carpet.....START ANOTHER ONE!!  I just love the geometric designs of these.  They are stitched with two strands of DMC threads on 18 count plain white Aida.  This one is a longer rectangle and will go into one of the dolly bedrooms when finished (in just kidding).

Jerusalem Sampler 

Star of David Topiary
Two more starts on Jewish themes.  I am Catholic but I've always been fascinated by the history and rituals of the Jewish faith.  As luck would have it a dear friend's daughter is getting married.  They are Jewish and in fact the young couple will reside in Israel after they are married.  So now I have some gift ideas..............Mazel Tov!!


  1. I adore your doll house rug. How did you finish it? Did you cut the AIDA then oversew the edge with a binding? It looks fab and so neat.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've been looking at your blog -- and I have to say this little rug finish is just gorgeous! Love the new one as well! How lovely to have a dollhouse for them too. I too am very interested in Jewish history and lore -- having moved to the area I live in, I am surrounded by Jewish friends and have learned a lot. Beautiful stitching!

  3. I had googled dollhouse carpet when I came across your blog. I have a dollhouse an uncle made me when I was 6 and 48 years later, I am finally re-doing it. I have cross stitched the overshot coverlets and now I am thinking about making the carpets myself- just my thought as well Aida 18 and DMC floss....Thanks so much