Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stars and Moons

My sweet cat Twinsy just loved this quilt-in-progress.  How ironic that just a few days after he passed away that I would finish this large work.
It almost didn't get finished.  Although all the appliqué of the motifs and the quilting work was done by hand, I needed the help of the sewing machine to apply the binding strips.  It seems I had a little more "help" then I bargained for.  Since Mr. Twin is no longer with us, Carmella decided that the quilt was hers now.  It was cloudy and rainy most of the day, so I don't blame her.  Usually she's my outdoor girl, but the past few days she's been sticking close to me.  Kitty Coal is also affected by Twinsy's death.  Although they weren't the best of friends, Coal was very attentive to Twinny in his old age.
The skies cleared briefly yesterday and I got a few good photos of the finished quilt.

I dread giving it away this weekend.  I just love the colors and the theme and because it was Twinsy's favorite it has special meaning to me now.  But it was promised as a wedding gift nearly a year ago.  I shudder to think what will become of it.  The couple who is receiving it are friends of my husband and not exactly my closest friends.  Let's just say they are not too gentle with handmade things....neither are their kids or their three Jack Russell terriers!
Maybe this is all telling me that it's time to start another quilt...........................

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  1. I just love that quilt!
    I don't wonder you have a hard time giving it up!