Sunday, July 13, 2014


After a seven year gap I have again put some sewing/crafty items into our county fair. Today was entry day and I made it just before the storms rolled in. 

 My main entry was the Stars and Moons quilt.  I have 20 items entered; mostly doll clothes and cross-stitch items. I hope to go see the results of the judging on Friday.

Again another birthday approaches.  This one is the half-century mark!  I don't really know what to make of that.  Some days I feel like I have not changed at all from 12 years old.  Other days I feel like I'm 80.  There seems to be no in-between.  My favorite exhibits at the Fair are still the animals.  Luckily, after these storms pass through the temperatures are supposed to drop to "unseasonable lows" for the remainder of the week.  I always feel badly for all the farm animals cooped up in those hot barns at the height of Summer. 
I didn't visit any of the barns today, but there was a small animal display set up outside of the Arts Building.  I think, when fully populated, this is going to be the petting zoo area.  I tend to be the oldest person at the petting zoo (except for grandmas and grandpas),  What an interesting selection.....especially these huge turtles.

Again, another cat has found me.  A little black guy we have named Deuce.  Over a year ago our former neighbor had a sweet and super-friendly little black cat show up on his property.  He already had a black cat named Blacky, so he called the new arrival Deuce (as in black cat number 2).  The last time I saw that cat was October 2013.  This little guy showed up in mid May.  He was so similar in looks and temperament that I thought he might be Deuce returning.  Our new guy is about 8-10 months old (any cat experts out there, please give me your opinion on his age), so he couldn't possibly be the original Deuce.  But the name has stuck. Not long after our Twinsy passed away I took Deuce to be neutered and have all his shots in my attempt at the TNR (trap/neuter/release) concept.  Well, the T and the N went very smoothly, but I don't think the R is happening!  I did release him from the cat carrier, but he decided to stay.

Coal observes Deuce from a safe distance
 There has been a lot of hissing, howling and that odd sideways glance posturing going on around here lately.

He is a sweet boy.  An ankle biter and scratcher, but with some attention those habits will go away.  He is great with people, but is still a bit aggressive with our other cats.

Just today I got this shot of everyone in the kitchen.  Deuce comes in the cat door and the howl-fest begins.  In a matter of moments though everyone just lays down and tolerates eachother.


 Of course kitty Coal is the most personable with Deuce.  My shy guy Roy prefers to stay up on the kitchen counter to check out the new guy.

Again I manage a blog post and again it is filled with photos of the cats!  The older I get the more I become my true self.  Happy in my solitude and peaceful privacy.  A house full of animals, threads and fabrics.  A yard full of veggies and flowers....and a grateful heart for all of it.


  1. hello Jennifer!
    Your new cat looks so beautiful - he is black and it is so special for cats to be the same color.. All photos are so good and Summer. Here we have the rains for a week already and the temperature is +42F outside - too cold. Some trees got the yellow leaves already - too early even. It is sad..

  2. He's darling. Count yourself lucky that he decided to stay. My capture, neuter, release plans never quite work out either. It must be common knowledge among cats that I'm a sucker.