Sunday, June 1, 2014

What Does The Fox Say?

Well, last week Mister Fox said "I think I'll take a little nap in your yard".  He (or maybe she) stayed most of the day.  Then he was gone the next morning.

Today he was across the street in front of the barn.  This is a quiet moment.  Most of the time he was rolling around in the sun or jumping and playing.  Reminded me of a cat!

He's so beautiful.  I hope he is safe over there...and not too lonely.  I have never seen a fox so close up.  he didn't seem scared of me at all.  I kept a good distance away to take the photos.  No matter how much he looks like and reminds me of a sweet ginger cat, I must remember he's a wild animal.
Ah, the beauty of nature!

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  1. I love foxes! I know they're a nuisance in big cities like London but there is something so philosophical about them.