Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gung Ho!!

In my enthusiasm to blog more I've discovered the wonderful "scheduling" tool available on Blogger.  Yes, as usual I am decades behind the rest of the computer-savvy world on this one. Some of you may also have noticed that I have not quite mastered that scheduling thing.  "Throwback Thursday" is certainly not supposed to be published on Wednesday!!  So I will take it down a notch and not get so far ahead of myself.
Another rainy day,
 so time for a little relaxation.
Twinsy on the quilt project

Coal on the bed

Roy on his favorite feather pillow in the hallway
(It's so hard to get a clear photo of the black cats)


Mel out in the shed

When the sun finally came out Mel moved to her new favorite spot, the old mower.  She doesn't seem to mind the rust.  After all, it really wouldn't show up on her fur anyway!

Time to get up, stretch a little and get some stuff done outside.

I need to drain all the excess water out of the flower pots and seedling trays.  I hope my little tomato plants haven't drown.  Fill the bird feeders and put out some new suet blocks.  Even this late in Spring it's still only 55F out there!!  The birds are happy to have some suet.
Then it's back to the sewing machine.  I got a surprise invitation to sell my doll clothes at the annual Fun Meet at the gym next week.  Now that's what I call FUN!!
Gung Ho on the sewing machine is safe for me.  I'll take it easy on the computer for a while.....

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  1. Your home is such a cats paradise. They are lucky to have found you. :)