Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful Old Things

Since there seems to be nothing new or exciting going on in my own life, I will share some beautiful old things. As some of you may know, my blog is named for the wonderful book by Sue Studebaker "Ohio Is My Dwelling Place-Schoolgirl Embroideries 1800-1850". It is a wonderful documentation of the samplers of Ohio and although I was born and raised in New Jersey I find the rich history of Ohio very interesting. As I discovered in this book, the largest number of documented samplers is from my own county, Warren( lower left area of the map). In nearby Clinton county is Wilmington College, a Quaker university. So those of you interested in Quaker samplers would love this book. I never realised what a treasure-trove of samplers in this style are from my own local area. The sampler below if by Mary Ann Wright, 1823. You can see faintly at the top "Lebanon WC Ohio". Lebanon is the town, 15 miles from my home, wheer I work at the gym. "WC" stands for Warren County.
The sampler below is by Mary Kelly, 1807. Waynesville is about 20 miles to the north of my home. It has wonderful antique and craft shops and a huge fabric and quilting shop! The basket design in the top leftr corner of this sampler holds the distinct "W" amongst the fruit design symbolic of Waynsville School. The spelling has since changed. I have also found a new blog called "Quaker Inspired". The more I look, the more I like this style of needlework.

Lastly for this evening is one of my most favorite "old things", the lovely Alix. Here she is in the glow of the computer screen last night. She will be 16 next month.


  1. What a stunning book!

    And Alix is quite the fine feline, too!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    What a wonderful history of your area - you are a good writer; your interest in the topics really shows.
    Are you involved with the local historical society there?
    Enjoyed seeing Alix' photo.
    Nancy in PA