Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothing


As is usual in Ohio the doomsday "White Death" weather forecast of Friday turned out to be nothing. No snow, no sleet, no freezing rain. Not even very much regular rain. All day Friday the TV had the little map of Ohio with the bright colors of watches and warnings splattered all over it glowing in the upper left corner of the screen; the ominus "Stayed tuned to this channel for further weather updates" scrolling across the bottom of the screen. The grocery store parking lot was packed with cars as if it was Christmas Eve or the day before Thanksgiving. I waited and waited and NOTHING!
Well, that seems to be the theme of things lately. I wait for Monday at the gym when I am "rewarded" for my work with the Level 6 group while their coach was away by recieving a three hour reduction in my hours and the loss of my Level 5 group. I am more sad about it all now then I am mad. Do I just leave at 7pm? Do I make a little speach? Do I make a big scene? Most likely I will just slink away, unnoticed and cry in my car on the way home. I had to go in today for an hour and it was really very difficult. The gym had been my place of refuge and now I simply don't feel comfortable there anymore. When the only two positive things I can find about my job are "It's close to home" and "I need the paycheck" then I think it's time to start looking for other opportunities.
I will focus on stitching for the rest of the weekend, trying my best to ignore the Super Bowl and all the over-blown activities that go along with it. The only thing I really like about Super Sunday is that I can try out some new recipes if we are invited anywhere. Once at the party I am totally bored by the game itself and usually spend the time looking through the Spring garden catalogs. I have already ordered all of my seeds/plants to the whopping total of $83.74! This does include to columnar apples trees and two bunches of Cipollini onion plants, so I guess the cost is not unreasonable for the return I will get. My favorite catalog is Territorial Seed Company. They have a wonderful variety of heirloom American seeds and some interesting European varieties as well. My most unique seeds from them are the Organic Black Soy Beans. These are a wonderful alternative to regular black beans and virtually no carbohydrates. I use them in everything from soups, chili, and even ground up to make a bean paste dip for chips. It's bright and sunny outside although the temperature is only 39F. It really makes me long to be out in the garden and the flower beds. Everything looks a total mess right now. A mix of mud and frozen dirt chunks. But in a few months everything will brighten up. Here are some of my veggies from last year:
A photo also of our dog Bud. I don't think I have posted a photo of him yet. He is a Beagle/Rottweiller mix. Very friendly and an superb mouse catcher. Also an excellent exercise partner when I don't want to walk our rural street alone.
I will go on writing about all things needlework. I'm in a rather chatty mood, since I have had no conversation at all with another adult today. Joe was up and gone to work before I got up. Then only one hour at the gym...just me and one student I was testing for placement in a class. No other coaches around and no boss.

I am wanting to get started on doll quilt Number 3. This time it will be red prints with white in the Shoofly pattern. A photo here would enhance the description but I have to wait until I scan the design from the book and post it next time. I am also wanting to try stitching "over one" on some 28 count linen. I have a lot of nice Quaker motifs that would come out too large at 2 over on 28ct to be ornaments. Harmien sent me a real beauty for Christmas. A work of art rather then just a piece of stitiching. I sent a photo of it to my mother and her response was "You didn't make that did you?" She could tell right away that it was way beyond my stitching talents. For those of you who have stitched over it very difficult? I suppose one must have very good eyes and a steady hand, two things I am lacking lately.


  1. Well, Jennifer, I'd like to thank you for sending all that "lovely" weather to western New York, where we had the whole gamut yesterday: snow, sleet, freezing rain, more snow. What a mess.

    I'm with you on your opinion of the Super Bowl. We won't be home from evening church service until 8:00 or 8:30, so I'll retire to the bedroom and my stitching (and cable TV) when we get home, as my husband and younger daughter will probably catch whatever is left of the game.

    As for stitching over one, I did my first two projects in December - Christmas ornaments - and they were a challenge to my late 40's eyes. I did not like stitching over one on linen as the floss had a tendency to slip under the adjining vertical thread. Be sure not to pull too hard if you use linen, or simply choose Aida instead. The look is unsurpassed, however.

    Happy stitching!

  2. I'm sorry your job is such a drag lately, Jennifer. I hope it starts getting better soon.
    Your veggies are prety spectacular. I would love to grow a bit in our garden, which is a bit small, but just a few courgettes and pumpkins would make me happy... :o)
    As for 'over one' stitching, it's not difficult at all. Good LIGHT is the #1 thing you need!! Daylight works best for me. Try it and enjoy!

  3. Stitching over one isn't any harder than over two. Picking out incorrect stitches, however, is a nightmare! LOL!

    I did't know you had a dog! He looks a little like our Rigby, a rottweiler/lab mix.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    So sorry to hear about your job situation - I sympathize, empathize and send you good wishes for major improvement very, very soon.
    Loved the photos of your garden goodies (black soy beans? - I'll be looking for some for sure) and your handsome Bud.
    No Super Bowl here either: big plans are to watch the Jane Austen on Masterpiece Theater tonight and stitch.
    Am slowly weeding through patterns; will be in touch later on this.