Friday, February 8, 2008

Rain and More Rain

I wish it were snow and more snow! It seems as if we should be building the Ark soon. The yard is a flooded mess and it looks like there is more rain to come today. The forecast always shows the nice little snowflakes coming from the cloud, but in reality it is just more rain! Kind of fits the mood of this "off-season"....not really Winter with all the holidays and not really Spring with all the gardening and being outdoors. Here is Coal looking rather comfortable indoors. Every inch the house-pet now!
Lately I have spent quite a bit of time indoors myself. Specifically at the gym. Wednesday night the Level 6 coach was out ill so I got to stay the duration of my usual old hours. Yesterday another teacher was ill so I spent an extra three hours teaching classes. So as it goes my "demotion" has now netted me more hours then my old schedule. I'll take all I can getn the hopes of saving a bit of money for those lean times to come.

I have also stuck rather well to the New Year's Resolution of not buying any new stash. I did broaden it a bit to include not only cross-stitch items but my other hobbies also.......knitting, quilting, doll clothes making, and miniatures. I see so many things advertised in the shops and on-line; it is torture. On the other hand I get an interesting sense of satisfaction when I am able to resist. I made it through January and now nearly the middle of February. I hope to last until June. I wonder if framing sections should be included on my "forbidden list"? I have "The Planets" finished and I finsihed on "One Stage A Leaping" late last night. My next goal is the seahorse and starfish pillow. That will need some matching fabric and trim to completely finish though. Of course that would mean a new purchase, but also that it would sit around as a finished pillow gathering dust until I give it as a gift. Maybe it is better that the finished items stay rolled up in the drawer until the Summer. Ahhh, that wave of satisfaction rushes over me. Such self-discipline, such will-power! I think I need to go eat some chocolate to make up the difference.


  1. Was the chocolate good? ;)

    You earned it! One Stag Leaping is gorgeous!

  2. One Stag A Leaping looks fabulous!!

  3. Great line about chocolate!! I am still smiling...
    "One Stag A Leaping" looks wonderful; did you pick a different fabric for it? I really really like it.
    Enjoyed the history of your property - how interesting and nice that you know so much about it.