Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Told You So!

Here I am back again after a bit of a self-enforced absence. I actually used the office computer again just yesterday and found that if I do enough searches or enter various website addresses it moves everything down on the "saved sites" list. I did this long enough and now my blog address has been removed from the list because there was simply not enough space anymore! I am sure there was a more technically advanced way of deleting it but this seems to have worked. Even after all of the stress, anxiety and effort(I wish all of that burned more calories) there have been no comments from my boss or coworkers, so they obviously did not even notice my blog address. All that agony for nothing......well, not has taught me to be more careful in my computer use. I have also stayed away from the blog for a while because, in the words of my grandmother "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". It would have been all whining and griping about work or my various and sordid plots for revenge. Not what makes for enjoyable reading. I have always wondered why I have such a desire for revenge. Normally I am not a vindictive and mean person, so I can not really find the source of this fault in my personality. I think it stems from the early childhood jealousy over my younger brother. That normal “sibling rivalry” thing where I wished he would vanish from the face of the Earth and I would be an only child again, center of my parents’ world. As an adult I always find myself to be the accepting one, the one who compromises, steps back, avoids confrontation. I have always dreamed of being the one who was A Number One, all-important, star of every grammar school show. I wanted to be the girl in high school who showed up at the parties with someone else’s boyfriend and that other poor girl was left there with her mouth hanging open. The one to drive around with the “in crowd”, the popular group, the “Mean Girls”. Instead, hour upon hour was wasted plotting my revenge against such people. Even now so much time has been wasted agonizing over my work situation…how the “mean girls” have gotten over on me again. Why this craving for revenge? Because I never get it!!! I am never the one who says “I told you so”.
On a more positive note, I am still trying to keep up with my New Years’ Resolution of no new craft/sewing/needlework/hobby supply buying for 6 months. As for the need for fabric…. no there is no great need. I certainly WANT more fabric, but I do not need any. I have one of those large plastic storage bins full of fabrics. I have another storage area too. It is rather interesting and I have thought of submitting it to a magazine under their "Helpful Hints" column. I use a wrapping paper storage container to hold the large "spools" of fabric I have bought. Sometimes I can find clearance stuff at Hobby Lobby or Michael's that are sold on the bolt, so-to-speak, meaning wrapped on those large cardboard tubes. I stand them right up as if they were a roll of wrapping paper and they stay clean and unwrinkled. I am currently being tortured by the latest Herrschner's catalog that has a large selection of cross-stitch Aida and linen at ridiculously low clearance prices. Then I browse at the on-line shops and look at all the beautiful variegated and over-dyed flosses. But no buying. I did break the resolution a bit by buying 6 packages of large snaps to complete some doll clothes and also two spools of thread in colors I ran out of (also for doll clothes). I try to reason this out as a money-making venture, rather then money-spending.
I am still trying to work my way through the UFO bag and complete some more stuff that has been hanging around forever. I am currently working on Birds of a Feather "Blackbird Sampler". With a bit of snow last week and a bit more today I tried to settle in and stitch a bit after taking some time away from cross-stitch to complete more doll clothes. But no luck today. With Joe off from work due to the snow he can hardly stand it to stay at home while I stitch away. He is one of those people who likes to use the house for showering, sleeping and occasional food preparation. He likes to be out and around. I don’t mind it much, except that “out and around” to me means shopping. Here is a bit more done "Blackbird Sampler". I am tempted to buy the frame sections to finish-finish “One Stag a Leaping”, but I will hold out a bit longer. Maybe the tax refund check will come soon. Most of that is allotted to the current Mastercard bill still hovering over us from Christmas time. Ahh, to be free and clear of that and then I wouldn’t feel too bad writing a check to buy some frame sections. You see, already I am trying to modify the resolution to only include credit card “outbursts”.
Speaking of uncontrollable spending, has anyone seen the new Prairie Schooler designs yet? I hear they are coming out soon and I have already gotten the tantalizing e-mail from my eBay connection to pre-order the new charts.

I close for tonight with a photo of Coal and Sammy. Coal is the original "copy cat". Wherever Sammy or Alix go and whatever they do Coal has to be the next to do it. At first we thought he was a bully, being so big. But really he is just a copy cat, trying to do whatever the two older cats do. Here they are side-by-side, but a moment before this photo was snapped Coal had jumped up into the chair and landed on top of Sammy!

With my "excile" from blogland over I will try to keep my postings here more upbeat and positive. There is so much sadness, anger and vengefulness in the World that I will try to keep my little corner of it a pleasant place to visit.


  1. You have only one tote of fabric? I have four large ones, and multiple smaller ones. One of my fall/winter projects has been to organize all my fabric, separating it by color, and pulling out all the larger pieces, labeling them with how big they are. I'm almost done!

    Great pictures of your cats. I always like seeing pictures of other people's pets and your are so cute!

  2. My Grams used to say the same thing. It's not always very easy advice to live by, is it.

    You take care - keep warm, too!! ;)