Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to cross-stitching

Now that I have purged myself of the anger over my non-existent doll clothes sale I feel free to cross-stitch again. I am still working on the large eagle project, but it is more daunting then first anticipated. There is so much black and then subtle shades of black and the pattern is in black and white and very tiny. It is very difficult to keep track of where I am in the pattern. I must admit I am more used to the primitive designs such as Prairie Schooler...............or the WONDERFUL charts by Black Bird Designs like the ones I received from Nicole today. Thank you so much Nicole and also for the lovely Thimbleberries fabrics. I take a hint from Harmien, Barbara and Annemarie my blog inspirations, and show a photo of the lovely package I received today. Now to find time to do all the new stitching designs and ideas that fill my head tonight.
Yesterday I went to my little local library and discovered a treasure-trove of cross-stitch books that I had over looked in the past. As I browse the shelves my eye is always caught by the word "cross-stitch" on the spine of the book. Well this series had no such word and I thought they were simply Christmas decorating and craft books. It is a series my Leisure Arts Publications called " Christmas Remembered". Apparently there are quite a few more out there then what I found as I have here at home with me (books number 4, 20, 21 and 22). I am dieing to find all the others! Looks like it might mean a trip to Amazon on-line to use up a gift card I got for Christmas. I was able to scan and save my favorites from these books and I share with you my "stitching future": I think these would make lovely sets...a wreath and some ornaments or a stocking and some ornaments........to give as gifts next year. Or maybe ten years from now at this rate. I am over stimulated!!

Now on to a bit of gymnastics. I had a wonderful time at the gym last night. Here are some shots of my Level 6 group. I have had most of these girls since they were 3 or 4 years old. I haven't worked with them in a while, but I am now back with them while their usual coach is away in China. It is such a joy to work with them again! This group took First Place in the teams competition last weekend for the first time this season and I am so proud.
Now I wait out my painfully slow dial-up connection while these photos come up and then off to do some stitching. Of what exactly, I do not know.

A quick note of personal bragging.....I think I got the links thing to work.


  1. Those are lovely Christmas ornaments! What a great find. Enjoy!!

  2. Fun pictures of your students! And I agree, those Christmas ornaments are really lovely!

  3. What a meanie, not allowing sales. :(

    Some people are just impossible to fathom.

    That book is a great find. I love the circular one on the 3rd/4th pics. REally nice.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. You found those at the LIBRARY? Yowzer!

    Love the pics of your students at work!