Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring is here?

Maybe it's only January 7th, but it feels like Springtime. It is not even Noon and already it is 61F/16.1C. It is very windy and the ground is wet, but otherwise it is great to sit outside and to let the cats play outside. Here is my dear old Alix on the patio table this morning. She kept me up most of the night because she begged to go outside at Midnight. I don't usually let her outside at night because she is so old. I worried about her every minute until 3:30 am when she decided she was ready to come in. I think I worry too much about her. A cat wants to be a cat, not hounded and followed around like some feeble hospital patient. I do see her getting slower and a bit unsteady on her feet, but what can I expect of a 16 year old cat.
Last night I unchained myself from the sewing machine and worked on this glittery pink (yes, this is a late-in-the -day edit for any of those who have already read this. Of course this is pink and not blue) scarf. I love this yarn...Yarn Bee "Gilt Eyelash". It is usually $6.99 a ball, but last week I got some on sale for $.99!! I sold quite a few scarves at the last craft sale on December 8th and I hope people are still interested in them at the sale this coming Saturday.
Well, the long break is over and it's back to the gym tonight. I have a headache already just thinking about it. The girls will be frantic as we have our home competition right away this Saturday with only one week of preparation. The boss will be frantic too, trying to organize the whole thing after everyone has been out of the gym since December 14th. I'll hide out in my safe little corner by the Balance Beams and hope I don't hear my name bellowed from across the room.
Another late note.......a photo of the "dwelling place". A bit dull this time of year and in desperate need of a paint job and new roof.


  1. Your glittery "blue" scarf? Are my eyes totally messed up? This looks red...

    I hope you enjoy the January thaw while it lasts!

  2. Yes, of course it's red/pink!! I am totally losing my marbles. I also finished a blue one last night. I did a quick edit of the post to correct this glaring mistake.

  3. It certainly looks like a lovely spring day with you. WE've had torrential rain all day and night here so I envy you, lol.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Its so nice to read your blog, i do hesitate to leave a message, my english is not good.

    I do recognice that story of alix, keeping you up at night. ( Kamiel, one of my four cats, plays the same "game" with us, every night!.

    Jennifer, you suprised me with the designer clothes you made for the dolls. , they just are great. I did not seen these dolls before.

    I have the feeling that everyone is looking forward to an early spring -))))

    Nicole (from Belgium)

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Isn't that yarn great? My daughter used something similar to make me a scarf (she knits; I can't). And I liked the fashion doll halter and outfit you crocheted recently.
    You are so good to Alix; it would be really hard not to "hover" when they are older.
    Enjoyed the photo of your house; looks a bit like here in southwestern PA.
    Hope your work week has lots and lots of positive experiences for you.
    Nancy in PA