Friday, January 4, 2008

Out with the Christmas tree....In with the exercise bike.

Finally took the tree down today. The living room looks so naked. The offending jar of candy is gone too. Not in the way I should have let it go, but through devouring the last few M&Ms and then putting the empty jar away. Now they are gone and on to exercising. My major form of exercise today was cleaning out our attic room. It is actually the other bedroom upstairs, but it is unheated and unfinished, so it is our attic/storage heap. Our house was built in 1823, so there are some odd rooms that really have no use, like this one. It has become the giant dump pile of all sorts of odd things...........seasonal decorations, clothing that doesn't fit, bin after bin of fabrics and craft supplies and tons of little gifties that I just have no use for. Sammy, our oldest black cat, has a 4pm appointment with the Vet to get a shot for his itchy skin condition. It really doesn't effect his health other then to aggravate him terribly. So he gets a quick Cortizone shot and his skin stays clear for about 3 months. Right now he is just chewing and scratching all the time and I can see it is driving him crazy. He is the only cat I have ever known that purrs when the Vet gives him his shot. He knows in a matter of hours he will feel so much better and he is grateful for that. Back to the cleaning rampage. The Vet is located a few miles from the Goodwill charity shop drop off station. There used to be a great Goodwill store there where I would find nice wool skirts to make into doll coats and the occasional pair of jeans for myself. I so rarely get to wear "real clothes" that it is a dreadful waste of money for me to go to The Gap or Old Navy and spend $40+ on a pair of jeans. $3.00 is about my limit and they are already soft and broken in and nobody really cares what size they are. The car is fully packed with box after box, bag after bag of items going to be dropped off at Goodwill in about an hour. I feel I have purged myself of some of my excess "weight" in a manner of speaking. I am moving forward. Now on to the cross-stitch bins and some clearing out there. None of that will go to the charity shop, but rather to some lucky stitchers I know. Here is a look at my variegated/overdyed floss selection. Overkill at it's worst!! AKA greedious maximus. I love all these threads but could never finish using them all in 12 lifetimes of stitching.A new fashion doll outfit. I crocheted the little halter top out of some wonderful fuzzy, sparkly yarn. Talk about an OVERSTOCK. Any knitters or crocheters out there in need of any yarn? I have all types, styles, colors. Some are new, some I have used a bit of. Let me know if you want any.

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  1. That's a very well dressed doll! She's ready for a serious night out on the town. LOL!

    Hope your GoodWill trip is productive, and that your kitty will spend three happy, non-itchy months after his shot!