Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Bit of Calm

This week started out as a stressful one, as I continued to dwell upon my loss of hours/$$$ and my Level 5 group. But I think I will let things take their natural course. I let the stress melt away and had the girls enjoy themselves a bit in trying new skills and making up some new routines. All of my groups are at the Compulsory Levels where they must do prescribed routines that are all alike at each level. Last night we "cut loose" a bit and I took a few photos as well. The last photo is of this weeks doll quilt. I hope to sell it tonight at the gym.
Rainy but not nearly so cold today. I wish it was snow instead though. Then I would be spared the Homeschoolers and only have my cute little group at 4pm. Still, it is an early night for me...home by 6pm instead of the usual 9pm. Maybe I can get in a few stitches on some of those UFOs.


  1. The doll quilt is so cute. I love the colors!

  2. Beautiful girls with great form! And, I love the doll quilt! Deb