Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The Mother of all Mothers, Queen Victoria!

To all of you out there who are moms (or pet moms!) Happy Mother's Day! Here is of shot of me and my mom in 1971. Those were the days; so carefree. This week has been anything but. My Uncle Andy passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 81. My dad's eldest brother and also my godfather. We all knew it was coming, but the sadness is none the less. He is the first one of that generation to pass on. I have always considered my grandparents and their generation the "Old Ones", but they are nearly all gone now....only two siblings of my grandmother left on my father's side. Now my mom and dad's generation are becoming the old ones and that's pretty hard to take. I look at this photo of me and my mom and it's as if time has stood still at that exact moment...and sometimes I wish it had.


  1. I am so sorry, Jennifer...

  2. Jennifer, I'm so sorry you've had such a sad week. My thoughts are with you! Take care.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jennifer. Sending good thoughts your way!

  4. So sorry , Jennifer to hear this sad news.
    Take care, our thoughts are with you
    Beautifull picture of you and your mom!!

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss. It is really hard to start losing Aunts and Uncles like that. I am down to having none left on either side of the family. Hang in there.