Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I guess it is a bit late for Spring Cleaning, but I was never one to really enjoy that type of stuff. I put it off and put it off until the place is quite unbearable. A spontaneous holiday barbecue is what motivated me on Sunday. Suddenly we had the new grill assembled and Joe decided to invite 8 of the neighbors over for a cook-out. Luckily it was early enough in the day to get to the grocery store and back without too much traffic or madness of the "cart race" in the store. Steaks marinating, cake baking, potatoes for the potato salad boiling.....there was nothing left to do but clean up the place. Of course the bathroom is always first. Inevitably every guest will make a trip in there, even if the main party is outside. It was finally warm enough also for all the tropical plants to move out of the living room on to the patio. I had strung up my favorite patio lanterns the night before. They are a bit less bright blue and a bit more faded lavender this year then they were last, but they all still work. So the couch got a reposition after the plants moved out and guess who I found? There they are in all their glory, the cat toys! Poor White Fluffy Mouse had been on his own for quite some time, but suddenly, one by one as each large potted plant was moved outside, his counterparts began to reappear. Even the very elusive Red Glitter Mouse, who has been missing since shortly after Christmas. Alix's favorite, the well-used red plaid corduroy catnip bell, was found lurking under the couch. I will open it up for the 16th time, re-stuff it and add some fresh catnip and he will be the favorite toy once again.
A few little stitchy finishes. A biscornu that is for, of all places, the neighbors bathroom! She redecorated in blue and brown and requested something small to hang in there. She can spray it with scent and hang it from one of the vanity lights. The pattern is free from Tante Zolder website. This is brown 16 count Aida and the floss is one of my all-time favorites, Needle Necessities "Bali Hai". The second little item is a key chain/floss ring. It is for my friend at the gym Becky. Since she doesn't stitch I assume it will be used as a key ring. It is the word "SHALOM" in Hebrew stitched on 18 count black Aida with Carrie's Creations Thread "Mardi Gras". Still have not mastered getting those grommets through the fabric. It looks OK on the front, but the back shows a few frayed edges.
Tried a bit of dying again, this time on floss! It's a messy job, but I did come up with these patriotic bits. These are RIT Dyes on DMC Ecru thread. Now I have a patriotic sink, dishtowels, cuttingboard and counter top to match!
The weather has been fabulous, but I think there is a bit of rain heading our way today. That's alright. I planted the baby spaghetti squash and lemon cucumber plants in the garden yesterday and they need a bit of refreshment.


  1. What a great evening you all had!!! I love out door lighting and the lights look great!! Your biscornu is just super, I really like the colour combo!!

  2. Cute finishes, the colors are great! I had been considering dyeing floss~~yours looks great, can't wait to see what you stitch with it!

  3. You've been most productively busy, Jennifer! :D That's some fun floss you dyed, and I think the other projects are also great. Enjoy some sunny weather!! :D

  4. What a trooper? Dyeing floss. Never even thought of doing that.

    House cleaning, spring or otherwise is a dirty word. Good luck with yours. Having company is quite a motivator for cleaning house.